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Cupertino Emergency Dentist

Cupertino Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentistry Sunnyvale Dr. Nasser AntoniousIf you have a dental emergency and the pain is unbearable, you need to be seen right away. At our office, Dental emergency treatment is handled with extreme caution and care. Dental emergency can range from a toothache, broken filling, loose crown, broken tooth, dental /gum abscess to a knocked out tooth.

Dr. Antonious’ dental office is connected to the city of Cupertino via road or rail. It is just a 15-minute drive from the city or half an hour train ride to his dental office. Most of our patients come through old fashion word of mouth, which is something that gives us a sense of pride. It is our pleasure to be able to serve patients who trust us with their dental health and refer our services to their family and friends. Cupertino patients account for about 20% of our dental practice who visit us frequently for general and cosmetic dental treatments.

At our practice we offer complete dentistry services for all ages under one roof, which makes it easy to receive both general dentistry care as well as a wide range of more specialized services, all in one place. Every week we see over 5 cases of dental emergencies which come from surrounding areas and are in dire need of urgent care. At our dental office, our staff ensures all emergencies come to Dr. Antonious’ attention immediately. Once we get an idea about the nature of your emergency, we take action quickly to either get you in for treatment or to suggest an alternative.

Also, the convenience of finance and insurance acceptance is a good reason some of Cupertino city patients seek our services. Our office is a preferred provider with the majority of dental insurance companies and offers patient payment plans through The Lending Club, a third party finance partner. Our In-House Membership plan is meant to help cash patients who don’t have insurance. We think every individual deserves the best-in-class dental health treatment, irrespective of their insurance coverage.

A dental emergency can occur at any time of the day. And it gets all the more critical when it happens to kids. Our emergency number is active 24/7, and we take every request very seriously, whether it is a regular business day or weekend. After our office hours all emergency calls are sent to Dr. Antonious to ensure we never miss helping a patient who is in pain.

Since our practice is established in Silicon Valley, which is a major hub of technology not only in USA but the entire world, some temporary residents of the city of Cupertino see Dr. Antonious while they are in town. It happens when they are in the city doing business and a sudden dental emergency occurs.

Request an appointment by calling 24/7 emergency number (408) 720-0900  all the time.


Useful Information For Cupertino, CA

Originally named after the San Jose de Cupertino Arroyo, the city later shortened its name officially to Cupertino. Located on the western side of Santa Clara Valley, Cupertino started out as an agricultural area and was originally part of Fremont Township. The first railroad arrived and changed the area forever. Large tracts of housing helped fuel the rapid growth of the city

Regarded by many as the very heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino today is famous for a rich and culturally diverse population. Restaurants today offer cuisines from around the world, and both residents and visitors come from near and far to sample these world class offerings.

Many tourists who visit the bay area arrange for an extended stay in areas such as Cupertino to take advantage of dental or medical services not readily available to them at home. For example, if you are traveling to have dental implants done, there are world class hotels and restaurants to help make your stay here in Cupertino more enjoyable!

Following Are Additional Sources Of Information About Other Cupertino Resources:

Cupertino City Hall

10300 Torre Avenue
Cupertino, CA 95014-3202
Phone: (408) 777-3200

Cupertino Library

10800 Torre Avenue
Cupertino, California
(408) 446-1677

Cupertino Chamber of Commerce

20455 Silverado Ave
Cupertino, CA 95014

Kaiser Permanente

10050 N Wolfe Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Kaiser Permanente Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

19000 E Homestead Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

De Anza Community college

21250 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
West Valley Division

1601 S. De Anza Blvd
Suite #148
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 868-6600
(408) 299-2311(non-emergency/after hours)

Parks & Recreation & Community:
Quinlan Community Center

10185 N Stelling Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Cupertino Senior Center

21251 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Cupertino Sports Center

21111 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Quick Reference For Adults

First, try to stick the tooth back in place and hold it there while you rush to see the dentist. If that’s impossible, put the tooth in a container of milk (or water if milk is not available) and take it and the patient to the dentist immediately.
To avoid further aggravating the damaged tooth, place a piece of soft wax into the area of the tooth that was chipped. You should eat only soft foods and try to avoid food and drink that are hot and cold to the touch.
If you find that your jaw hurts when it is moved or if you cannot close your mouth in a normal fashion, it is likely that you have fractured your jaw. Seek professional medical help at a hospital emergency room. The hospital will be able to treat your injury as well as advise you whether you need to make an appointment to see your dentist.
Biting or lacerating your tongue may cause inflammation and possible bleeding. Use ice or pressure to control the swelling or bleeding. Any swelling should subside within twenty-four hours. Contact your Dentist if the pain persists or the laceration is deep.
Slight bleeding after an extraction is normal. A clot will usually form within one hour. If bleeding continues, place a thick gauze pad over the extraction site. Apply pressure to the area to control the flow of blood. If bleeding still persists, you may try soaking a tea bag in water, placing it inside a thin gauze pad, and apply pressure for one hour. The tea leaves contain minerals which may aid in the clotting procedure.
Canker sores are those very small and painful sores which occur inside the mouth. They can be caused by stress, biting the inside of the mouth or by a reaction to certain foods. If you find that you have developed a canker sore on the inside of the mouth, apply an over-the-counter medicine like Orajel or Campho-Phenique. This will produce a bandage-like film over the sore.
An aching tooth is a very common dental emergency. A toothache is often a sign of infection in or around a tooth. Tylenol or aspirin can sometimes be effective in comforting pain. If there is a hole in the tooth, you may place Oil of Cloves on a small cotton pellet and place it in the site to relieve pain.

Pediatric Quick Reference

If your child has bitten his lip or tongue severely enough to cause bleeding, clean the bite gently with water and use a cold compress (a cold, wet towel or washcloth pressed firmly against the area) to reduce or avoid swelling. Give us a call to help determine how serious the bite is.
If your child has something caught between his teeth, use dental floss to gently remove it. Never use a metal, plastic, or sharp tool to remove a stuck object. If you are unable to remove the item with dental floss, give us a call.
If your child has chipped or broken a piece off of his tooth, have them rinse their mouth with warm water, then use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Try to locate and save the tooth fragment that broke off. Call us immediately.
If your child’s tooth has been knocked out of his mouth, find the tooth and rinse it with water (no soap), taking care to only touch the crown of the tooth (the part you can see when it’s in place). If you can, place the tooth back in its socket and hold it in place with a clean towel or cloth. If you can’t return the tooth to its socket, place it in a clean container with milk. In either case, call us immediately and/or head to the hospital. If you act quickly it’s possible to save the tooth.
If your child complains of a toothache, rinse their mouth with warm water and inspect their teeth to be sure there is nothing caught between them. If pain continues, use a cold compress to ease the pain. Do not apply heat or any kind of aspirin or topical pain reliever directly to the affected area, as this can cause damage to the gums. Children’s pain relievers may be taken orally. Schedule an appointment immediately.
If you know or suspect your child has sustained a broken jaw, use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Call our emergency number and/or head to the hospital immediately. In many cases a broken jaw is the result of a blow to the head. Severe blows to the head can be dangerous and even life-threatening.
You can help your child avoid dental emergencies. Child-proof your house to avoid falls. Don’t let your child chew on ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard foods. Always use car seats for young children and require seat belts for older children. And if your child plays contact sports, have him wear a mouthguard. Ask us about creating a custom-fitted mouthguard for your child. Finally, prevent toothaches with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to our office.

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