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Sunnyvale Dentist – Compassionate & Gentle Dentistry

Sunnyvale Dentist – Compassionate & Gentle Dentistry

Compassionate Dentistry

Welcome to Sunnyvale Dental Care. Our Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta is dedicated to providing gentle, compassionate, personalized dentistry in a caring and professional environment.

Sunnyvale Dentist, Dr. Gupta, practices compassionate dentistry because that is what we are all about, compassion for our dental patients. She is also known for her light touch and great bedside manners. We know that it is a challenge for some patients who experience dental anxiety to call our office. You are taking a big step in restoring your dental health! You are in good hands with us, and we will never take your trust for granted. Dr. Gupta has a gentle treatment style and a light touch that immediately puts our patients at ease. Our patients truly appreciate the warm and professional treatment style of our entire team.

Our staff of dental professionals want to do everything they can to relieve such distress, or even better, to prevent it from happening. Every member of our friendly team works to help you and your family learn how to achieve healthier and more beautiful smiles in ways that are easy to understand. From the moment you arrive, you will be impressed by our team’s dedication and commitment to you. Our compassionate and gentle care will make you feel comfortable throughout every treatment you receive. We will ensure that your experience is positive and pleasant.

What this means is that we create a foundation of trust and mutual understanding between patient and doctor. This takes time and commitment. To be truly compassionate with patients, a dentist needs to spend as much time with them as needed and listen carefully to their concerns while in turn providing care and comfort through education and during treatment. We want you to feel at home while you are with us. Sunnyvale Dentist, Dr Gupta, likes to learn about your goals for your health and smile. You are welcome to ask questions about your conditions, treatment, and the services we provide. We will never rush you! Unlike corporate dental practices, you will always see the same friendly faces and receive treatment from Dr. Gupta. Gentle, compassionate and caring, these are 3 words that we like to live by at Sunnyvale Dental Care. We take our time to make sure we get the job done right and always strive to be as gentle as humanly possible in the process. If you’re not comfortable, we’re not comfortable. Some dental practices rush patients in and out, treating you like a number. This can lead to missed steps and mistakes. We take it among ourselves to get to know each and every patient so we can better serve your needs. We’ll always take our time with you. Every dental patient is special to us; each has different needs, distinctive feelings and emotions, and a unique dental and medical history. We know that past visits with dentists may have created feelings of stress or even fear. We are here to alleviate those feelings by creating the most relaxed, comfortable, informative and fun dental visit possible for each patient.

At Sunnyvale Dental Care, we are compassionate in understanding that some patients have different reactions when going to the dentist. For some people, seeing a dentist can be quite nerve racking. They sometimes seem to think their dental appointment will be painful and are nervous that the dentist might find problems with their teeth. If you’ve ever been to Dr. Gupas’ dental office then you already know you’re in gentle hands. We make sure to do an extraordinary job of educating our patients, giving them the tools needed to keep excellent, long-term dental health. Our customers are our highest priority and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure our patients are completely happy with our service. Our commitment to these 3 words is what holds us on a higher level. Trust Dr. Gupta and her staff to become your lifetime dentist and dental care coaches and we’ll make sure we are always gentle, compassionate, and caring every step of the way.

For nearly 22 years, we have provided compassionate, gentle and experienced dentistry to the communities of Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Campbell, San Jose, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Saratoga and Los Gatos. We invite you to contact our office today to schedule your visit with our caring and compassionate dentist. Together, we can help you achieve the healthy and radiant smile that you have always wanted.

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