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Campbell Emergency Dentist

Campbell Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentistry Sunnyvale Dr. Bhavna GuptaDr. Gupta has been seeing patients from the city of Campbell for over 22 years. His dental office is equipped with latest dental technology that focuses on handling dental emergencies like toothache, knocked out tooth, sports injury, tooth abscess, lost filling, loose crown, broken tooth and others. Patients from all around the city of Campbell visit his clinic for regular check-ups and more specific services like severre toothaches, avulsed tooth treatment, root canals, wisdom tooth extractions and dental trauma cases.

At our office, we always set aside emergency appointment time every day for urgent dental situations. Every dental issue may not be an emergency, but if it is a critical problem, we make sure to bring you in the office the same day at the earliest time available. Dr. Gupta’ dental office is very close to the city of Campbell, and it takes about 25 minutes to reach his office during a typical work day. Your convenience is our priority. The kid’s game room keeps children occupied in case of a dental emergency of their parents or siblings. The ambiance and staff of his dental office is very friendly, warm and casual for kids to feel calm in such situations.

Patients seek dentists outside their immediate local area for various reasons. When an emergency strikes, it is important to find a dentist who understands that providing urgent care is more vital than a next-door location. Any oral pain leaves the patient restless and terrified. We keep that in mind at all times. Our office settings and appointment availability revolve around that philosophy. Residents of Campbell city often find it convenient to visit Dr. Gupta’ dental practice because of his convenient hours and location. We do it by extending our hours, we open as early as 8 am and as late as 7 pm depending on the day of the week.

Time and again many patients, who reside in Campbell, thank Dr. Gupta for being available in the hour of need. We often feel content with the way patients react to our impeccable emergency service and response time. We make it our mission to make dental care available in a timely fashion for every individual who is in dental pain. Our dental staff has been with us for a considerable amount of time, and they understand how we serve patients with urgent cases.

In addition to routine cleanings and dental exams, the dental services provided by Dr. Bhavna Gupta include porcelain crowns and bridges, periodontal services, Invisalign clear braces, pediatric dentistry, root canal, wisdom tooth removal, geriatric dentistry, implants, and dentures. He also offers sedation options for patients who feel anxious or get scared of dental treatment. Our dental staff is trained to keep all your anxieties away; we always start the treatment with some casual talk about how you will like us to proceed. After all, our practice thrives upon your pleasant and positive experiences.

For Campbell residents requesting an appointment is easier than ever, they can put in a request by filling out a form on the internet or by just calling the office number (408) 720-0900. 



Useful Information For Campbell, CA

Incorporated as a city in 1952, Campbell CA recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. Starting out as a small farming community, the city has grown into a community of over 38,000.

The city was awarded a LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council for their Orchard City Banquet Hal. This award is given recognizing cities that promote environmentally responsible buildings that are resource efficient throughout the estimated life of the building. The city of Campbell takes ” going green” very seriously.

Campbell has also sponsored an e-Services page on their official city website, which allows for 24/7 access to the city to conduct business from the security, safety and convenience of your home or office computer without having to go to city hall. This not only spares the air but is fuel efficient as well.

As is typical of most bay area cities, Campbell is known for the quality of their hotels, restaurants, and shopping venues. Many visitors from other countries schedule medical or dental procedures, such as dental implants, when they are here. It allows them to visit as well benefit from the many local amenities and attractions.

Following Are Additional Sources Of Information About Other Campbell Resources:

Campbell City Hall

70 N. First Street
Campbell, California 95008
(408) 866-2117

Campbell Library

77 Harrison Avenue
Campbell, California 95008

Campbell Chamber of Commerce

1628 W Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 378-6252

Kaiser Permanente

220 E Hacienda Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

Campbell Community Center

1 W Campbell Ave C-33
Campbell, CA 95008

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

Quick Reference For Adults

First, try to stick the tooth back in place and hold it there while you rush to see the dentist. If that’s impossible, put the tooth in a container of milk (or water if milk is not available) and take it and the patient to the dentist immediately.
To avoid further aggravating the damaged tooth, place a piece of soft wax into the area of the tooth that was chipped. You should eat only soft foods and try to avoid food and drink that are hot and cold to the touch.
If you find that your jaw hurts when it is moved or if you cannot close your mouth in a normal fashion, it is likely that you have fractured your jaw. Seek professional medical help at a hospital emergency room. The hospital will be able to treat your injury as well as advise you whether you need to make an appointment to see your dentist.
Biting or lacerating your tongue may cause inflammation and possible bleeding. Use ice or pressure to control the swelling or bleeding. Any swelling should subside within twenty-four hours. Contact your Dentist if the pain persists or the laceration is deep.
Slight bleeding after an extraction is normal. A clot will usually form within one hour. If bleeding continues, place a thick gauze pad over the extraction site. Apply pressure to the area to control the flow of blood. If bleeding still persists, you may try soaking a tea bag in water, placing it inside a thin gauze pad, and apply pressure for one hour. The tea leaves contain minerals which may aid in the clotting procedure.
Canker sores are those very small and painful sores which occur inside the mouth. They can be caused by stress, biting the inside of the mouth or by a reaction to certain foods. If you find that you have developed a canker sore on the inside of the mouth, apply an over-the-counter medicine like Orajel or Campho-Phenique. This will produce a bandage-like film over the sore.
An aching tooth is a very common dental emergency. A toothache is often a sign of infection in or around a tooth. Tylenol or aspirin can sometimes be effective in comforting pain. If there is a hole in the tooth, you may place Oil of Cloves on a small cotton pellet and place it in the site to relieve pain.

Pediatric Quick Reference

If your child has bitten his lip or tongue severely enough to cause bleeding, clean the bite gently with water and use a cold compress (a cold, wet towel or washcloth pressed firmly against the area) to reduce or avoid swelling. Give us a call to help determine how serious the bite is.
If your child has something caught between his teeth, use dental floss to gently remove it. Never use a metal, plastic, or sharp tool to remove a stuck object. If you are unable to remove the item with dental floss, give us a call.
If your child has chipped or broken a piece off of his tooth, have them rinse their mouth with warm water, then use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Try to locate and save the tooth fragment that broke off. Call us immediately.
If your child’s tooth has been knocked out of his mouth, find the tooth and rinse it with water (no soap), taking care to only touch the crown of the tooth (the part you can see when it’s in place). If you can, place the tooth back in its socket and hold it in place with a clean towel or cloth. If you can’t return the tooth to its socket, place it in a clean container with milk. In either case, call us immediately and/or head to the hospital. If you act quickly it’s possible to save the tooth.
If your child complains of a toothache, rinse their mouth with warm water and inspect their teeth to be sure there is nothing caught between them. If pain continues, use a cold compress to ease the pain. Do not apply heat or any kind of aspirin or topical pain reliever directly to the affected area, as this can cause damage to the gums. Children’s pain relievers may be taken orally. Schedule an appointment immediately.
If you know or suspect your child has sustained a broken jaw, use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Call our emergency number and/or head to the hospital immediately. In many cases a broken jaw is the result of a blow to the head. Severe blows to the head can be dangerous and even life-threatening.
You can help your child avoid dental emergencies. Child-proof your house to avoid falls. Don’t let your child chew on ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard foods. Always use car seats for young children and require seat belts for older children. And if your child plays contact sports, have him wear a mouthguard. Ask us about creating a custom-fitted mouthguard for your child. Finally, prevent toothaches with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to our office.

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