Ameritas Dental PPO Exclusions, Frequencies, Limitations, and Missing Tooth Clause

With so many options available, how should you go about deciding which Ameritas Dental PPO insurance policy to purchase?The amount that you receive for dental care each year can vary greatly with each plan. Some dental insurance policies have deductibles and some don’t. You can expect that like most dental insurance plans, Ameritas Dental PPO insurance plans have coverage rules. You will want to look closely at these rules when you’re considering which plan to select.

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious and Sunnyvale Dental Care will not charge you more than the amounts listed on the Ameritas Dental PPO insurance fee schedule. This is because Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious has been an in network preferred provider for Ameritas Dental PPO insurance for several years. Ameritas Dental PPO insurance provides excellent coverage for patients who have purchased their policies.

Dr. Antonious treats both children and adults, and offers a wide range of dental services. Adult and child cleanings are considered to be preventative services which are covered at 100% by many Ameritas Dental PPO insurance policies. There are however limitations to the number of professional cleanings a patient can receive each year, and how often they may be received. In most cases, patients are allowed two professional cleanings per calendar year. Some dental insurance policies require that these be done at 6 month intervals, while other insurance policies do not stipulate a required frequency.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may be anxious to replace them. Missing teeth can wreak havoc on self-confidence, and can make it difficult to receive adequate nutrition from being able to bite and chew food. Dr. Antonious has several methods available to replace missing teeth. If the missing tooth was taken out while you are covered with Ameritas Insurance Plan or if there is no missing tooth clause in your chosen Ameritas Dental PPO insurance plan, you may expect them to pay for your dental treatment under the major dental service category.

Some procedures recommended by Dr. Antonious may be excluded under your dental plan. If that is the case, Dr. Antonious will help you find a treatment solution that you can afford.

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