United Healthcare PPO Frequencies, Exclusions, Limitations and Missing Tooth Clause

Your United Healthcare PPO dental insurance plan will help to reduce your out of pocket copay for dental care. Depending on the individual dental insurance plan, United Healthcare PPO dental insurance will pay a percentage of your dental treatment.

Some treatment prescribed by Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious may not be covered by your United Healthcare PPO dental plan. These exclusions differ depending on the individual plan that you have chosen or that has been provided for you by your employer.

Limitations may dictate which materials are covered by your United Healthcare PPO dental insurance policy. On back or posterior teeth, some insurance policies will pay the same dollar amount for white tooth colored composite fillings as they will pay for silver fillings. The difference in cost becomes the responsibility of the patient.

Dental Insurance plans also have limitations/frequencies which regulate how many and how often a patient may have certain procedures such as cleanings and exams. Insurance companies also regulate how often crowns and dentures may be replaced.

In the case of teeth replacement, some plans will cover a denture or partial instead of a dental implant, or cemented dental bridge. Upon your request we would be happy to submit a predetermination of benefits on your behalf prior to starting treatment.

If your United Healthcare PPO dental insurance plan has a Missing Tooth Clause, this means if a tooth is extracted before the United Healthcare PPO plan coverage begins, you would be responsible for the entire replacement cost. In most cases, the best treatment to replace a missing tooth is a dental implant. Other alternatives are bridges, and full or partial dentures.

Your Sunnyvale Dentist, Dr. Antonious will help you get the most from your dental insurance plan benefits by informing you of all possible treatment options. Explanations of your individual plan frequencies, exclusions, limitations and possible missing tooth clause are available online or in printed form in benefit booklets.

The Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator can also contact United Healthcare on your behalf to access this information. It is important to understand the details of your United Healthcare PPO dental plan. The team at Sunnyvale Dental Care understands dental insurance well and will be happy to explain your policy to you.

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