Santa Clara Dental Emergency – Bitten Tongue or Lips

An unintentional accident such as a fall or being hit in the mouth can cause an accidental bite to the tongue, cheek or lips. Hopefully the cut or laceration is minor and will heal on its own, but at other times a dental emergency visit is required. It is important to seek care from a dental or medical professional if you are not sure how serious the wound is. Young children may be especially prone to biting their cheeks, lips, or tongue because they sometimes participate in many different sports and games.

Santa Clara area dentist Dr. Antonious will treat patients experiencing this type of dental emergency. He has been serving Santa Clara residents for over twenty years and providing dental emergency treatment like sever toothaches and knocked out tooth.

A self-inflicted bite may happen while eating, especially if we are in a rush. Biting and chewing food while numb from a dental procedure can make it very easy to accidentally bite ourselves. It may be advisable to consume soft foods or liquids that don’t require chewing if a meal is needed before the numbness has dissipated. Fortunately these types of bites are frequently mild, heal on their own, and do not require sutures or a dental emergency appointment.

Severe lacerations may occur in the oral cavity of epileptics while suffering from a seizure. In this instance definitely seek professional dental and medical intervention as soon as possible.

Until the area has completely healed, you will probably be more comfortable if you avoid spicy, hot, and crunchy foods that may irritate the wound. Cold things like popsicles, smoothies, shakes, or ice, may make the injured area feel better. When bleeding has ceased and the injury is healing, the dentist may tell you that it is ok to start rinsing with warm salt water.

Biting oneself on the tongue, lip, or cheek as a response to nervousness, anxiety, or stress is a common habit that may be similar to nail biting. Even when not under emotional stress, some people do this while concentrating deeply on a task. The continuous trauma caused by repetitive and prolonged biting can be harmful and painful.

Another common cause of accidental bites to the lips, cheek, or tongue is misaligned teeth. Teeth misalignment may also cause TMJ pain, clinching or grinding, headaches and difficulty eating. Orthodontic treatment from a Santa Clara area dentist may be able to cure this condition.

If a bite causes bleeding that cannot be controlled by applying pressure to the area, you have a deep laceration or cut, swelling is present, the injury is not healing, the pain is getting worse, or if indications of infection are present, a dental emergency appointment should be scheduled.

Wearing a mouth guard is recommended for athletes to protect their teeth from being knocked out or becoming broken. Mouth guards may also protect the lips, tongue, and cheek from being bitten. A dentist near Santa Clara can take impressions and make a mouth guard for the top, bottom, or both arches of the mouth. This type of mouth guard is custom made, so it is more comfortable and protects better than the one size fits all mouth guards sold in stores.

The regular use of seat belts can also help prevent bite trauma during a car accident.