San Jose Dental Emergency – Avulsed Tooth

When an adult/permanent tooth has been avulsed, or knocked out, there is a great possibility of saving it, but time is of the essence. A dental emergency visit should be quickly scheduled. For the best chance of a good outcome, the tooth would need to be re-implanted within an hour of coming out. Some people may feel comfortable attempting this by themselves. If the tooth is dirty, it can be gently rinsed or wiped with a clean cloth. Others would prefer to schedule a dental emergency visit and have a dental professional re-insert their avulsed tooth.

The goal is for the root of the tooth to reattach to the surrounding bone. It is important not to touch the delicate tooth root, but to hold it by the coronal portion which is the part that is visible in the mouth. In both instances follow up care is needed. An avulsed tooth must be kept moist until it is re-inserted. Water, milk, or saline are good options for preventing the tooth from drying out. It is important to note that a tooth that has a severe break or fractured root cannot be re-implanted. Any remaining root left in the bone would need to be extracted. San Jose area patients can schedule a dental emergency visit at the office of Dr. Antonious. He has been treating emergency patients from San Jose for many years.

If the avulsed tooth is a baby tooth that cannot be re-implanted, a dental visit is still important. The dentist will check for fractures in the remaining teeth and surrounding bone, and will treat any tissue trauma that is present. The child should be encouraged to keep pressure on the site by biting down on clean gauze, a cloth, or a towel. This will help to control the bleeding.


When a tooth has been knocked out, the nerves, blood vessels, and supporting tissues are damaged. A permanent/adult tooth that has been avulsed would require a root canal to restore it. Also, Dr. Antonious will check the entire mouth for any teeth that may have lost a filling or a crown during this traumatic event.

If you frequently play contact sports, it is a good idea to wear a mouth guard. Many teeth become avulsed due to sports related trauma. A mouth guard may be made out of rubber or acrylic and fits over the teeth to protect against a blow to the mouth and prevent a dental emergency. A San Jose area dental office can have one made for you by taking an impression of your teeth and sending it to a dental laboratory to be made. Because it is custom made, it will have a more secure fit than a sporting goods store or drug store mouth guard. Some helmets come with mouth protection as well.

Periodontal Disease

A tooth may also come out due to advanced periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes the tissue and bone surrounding the tooth to become infected, which causes tissue and bone loss that loosens the tooth. Before periodontal disease progresses to the point of tooth loss, it is important to receive treatment that may include deep cleanings, bone grafts, and gum surgery. A San Jose area dentist can advise you in detail about periodontal therapy.