Mountain View Dental Emergency – Toothache

Although common, a toothache can be an unexpected and uncomfortable experience. Most of us will experience some form of tooth pain from time to time. Mild discomfort may gradually get worse, or severe discomfort may happen suddenly. If you are experiencing toothache pain, a dental emergency visit should be scheduled immediately. Weekend, holiday, or evening toothaches are especially frustrating. Mountain View residents can contact Dr. Antonious for prompt treatment of any dental emergency.

Possible Causes:
Sometimes a toothache may occur that is not related to the tooth but is caused by sinus congestion and inflammation. This type of toothache occurs on upper back teeth. Treating the sinuses may relieve the pain on the otherwise healthy tooth. The most common cause of toothaches is tooth decay that has slowly eaten away on a tooth and caused deep decay. Some people claim that certain treatments can reverse actual tooth decay, but most dentists believe this is not the case. Decay must be removed before it causes infection and tooth loss. Mountain View patients who have regular dental cleanings, x-rays, and examinations, and who have decay removed when it is small may avoid toothaches caused by rampant decay and avoid this type of dental emergency.

When a cavity has progressed deep into the tooth, an abscess or infection may develop causing tooth pain. Other causes of a dental abscess include broken teeth involving the pulp chamber of the teeth and periodontal disease. This type of infection may cause tenderness and swelling. A dental infection will continue to get worse and is very serious. Treatment should be promptly sought at a Mountain View area dental clinic.

If the tooth is unsalvageable and the decision has been made to extract it, the dentist should be informed of all medications being regularly taken to prevent post-operative complications. After an extraction, detailed instructions are given on how to take care of the extraction site. It is important that these instructions be carefully followed. If not, the newly formed blood clot may be lost. This would result in a dry socket, a painful condition that delays healing. Smoking tobacco and other substances may also interfere with the healing process. If you suspect that you have a dry socket, contact the dentist immediately. He can treat the dry socket and help you to heal faster.

Trauma is another leading cause of tooth pain. Trauma related dental emergencies are common among children and can also be experienced by those who participate in contact sports, or who have an unexpected accident. Trauma may cause nerve damage. Treatment for toothaches caused by trauma will be determined by many factors that are considered during the dental emergency exam.

What will Mountain View patients experience at their dental appointment? The examination will usually include an x-ray that will let the dentist see what cannot be seen by a visual exam. This includes the inside of the tooth and the areas surrounding the tooth. He will then be able to determine the appropriate treatment.

Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed to treat toothaches caused by infection. The instructions provided on the prescription should be followed carefully. No matter what causes a toothache, Mountain View residents can receive gentle and effective care from Dr. Antonious.