Mountain View Dental Emergency – Lost Filling

Fillings are placed and replaced daily in general dental offices around the world. Most of us will have at least one tooth filled at some point. This may be due to fracture, wear, or decay. The two most frequently used filling materials are silver amalgam, and composite resin. Composite fillings come in a variety of shades and will match the color of your teeth. For most people a lost filling is not a dental emergency, but is something that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Even people with immaculate dental hygiene may at some point need their fillings replaced. This is because daily normal usage will cause a filling to eventually fail. As soon as time allows, you will want to schedule your dental emergency appointment. Dr. Antonious will be happy to replace a lost filling or crown for Mountain View residents.

Besides normal use, fillings may fail when the preparation was contaminated with saliva or water during placement. Moisture interferes with the materials ability to bond with the tooth. It is also possible for decay to form underneath an existing filling causing it to fall out. Biting or chewing hard foods, and grinding or clinching the teeth may dislodge existing fillings. Impressions for an occlusal guard can be taken so that clinching and grinding (bruxism) will be less likely to cause tooth damage. A dentist near Mountain View can take this impression and have a custom guard made for you.

Many Mountain View patients save their lost filling or part of their fractured tooth and present it during their dental emergency appointment. These fragments are usually not of much use. In most cases they cannot be reused. If the tooth is in good shape without deep decay, bone loss, or infection, the filling can normally be easily replaced.

If anesthetic is needed it will be given to prevent sensitivity or discomfort during the procedure. The Mountain View area dentist will prepare the tooth for the new filling. He will isolate the tooth from contaminates prior to placing the filling. Once placed, the final step is polishing and adjusting the filling so it is smooth and does not interfere with the patients bite.

Although compared to other dental emergencies a lost filling may seem minor, it is still important not to delay treatment because this can result in additional damage to the weakened tooth. Please call us at your earliest convenience. Broken or lost fillings may cause cuts and scrapes to your cheek and tongue. The hole may also easily trap food which could irritate the gums and cause decay. A tooth with a missing filling may also be sensitive to hot and cold.

While waiting for your appointment, it is a good idea to brush and floss the area at least three times a day to remove any food that has been trapped. If you choose to purchase over the counter filling material, follow the directions carefully to prevent further complications. Please understand that such available commercial products are a temporary solution in nature. It is a good routine to have periodic professional cleanings and examinations every six months. This will let your Mountain View area dentist watch your existing fillings for defects and replace them as needed.