Mountain View Dental Emergency – Bitten Tongue or Lips

It can be easy to accidentally bite the lips or the tongue. This is especially true when hurriedly biting or chewing. When a patient is numb following a dental procedure, special care must be taken to avoid an accidental bite. As a precaution, all patients must avoid eating until the anesthetic has completely worn off. These areas are delicate and may become injured easily. Fortunately, in most cases an accidental bite will heal quickly without medical or dental intervention, and in many cases does not require a dental emergency visit. There are of course exceptions. Steps should be taken to prevent accidental injuries to the tongue and lips. One preventative measure is the use of an athletic mouth appliance while participating in sports.

Some people develop a habit of biting their lips, cheeks, or tongue in response to nervousness, anxiety or stress. This habit may cause painful mouth sores. Others bite themselves because their teeth are misaligned, or their bite is not in the correct position. In many cases, these conditions can be treated. Those who suffer from seizures may also experience accidental bite injuries.

The tongue helps with many daily functions including swallowing, eating, and speaking. Heavy bleeding and swelling may occur if there is a serious cut on the tongue. Minor to moderate lip, tongue, or cheek injuries can be addressed and treated at a Mountain View area dental office. These minor to moderate injuries typically do not pose a threat of infection and may not require sutures. If in doubt about the severity of the cut or laceration, or if you have a tooth that is knocked out, Mountain View residents can call us to schedule a dental emergency visit ASAP.

More severe lacerations may require advanced medical treatment at a hospital or urgent care facility. If you have a laceration with uncontrolled bleeding, or if you were cut by a contaminated object, be sure to seek immediate medical care.

For minor to moderate oral cuts and lacerations, Mountain View residents can contact Dr. Antonious for their dental emergency visit. Other services offered include periodic cleanings and exams, restorative care, and cosmetic dentistry.

Pressure should be applied to the wound with a clean cloth or gauze. This should help to minimize bleeding. A cold compress or ice may also be useful for discomfort. Once the bleeding has stopped, for at least 24 hours and the wound is healing, rinsing with warm salt water is sometimes recommended.

If a pain killer is prescribed, the directions should be closely followed. Once the area has healed completely, hot beverages, and spicy, hard, or crunchy foods can again be enjoyed. If you experience a fever, speech problems, difficulty eating, swelling, or redness, it is possible that your wound has become infected. You will want to promptly schedule an emergency dental appointment with a Mountain View area dentist. If an infection is diagnosed, an antibiotic most likely will be given to you. Be sure to take it as prescribed. Serious lacerations that extend onto the face will more than likely be referred to a physician who may take additional steps to ensure that you heal properly.