Super Bowl Snacks and Oral Health

Super Bowl Snacks and Oral Health General Dentistry Sunnyvale   A super bowl party is a time gather up your friends and family and watch the game, comment on the crazy commercials, and chow down while watching the halftime performance.   Whether you are hosting or attending a party to watch the big game, Sunnyvale…

Is There a Difference Between Cavities and Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay and cavities are often used synonymously, but the truth is that they describe two sides of the same coin. Tooth decay is a progressive condition that is largely caused by inadequate hygiene and dental care, and that leads to the formation of cavities in your teeth. Tooth decay affects over 90% of adults in the United States today. Therefore, to protect your smile from it, it’s important to know the difference between tooth decay and cavities, and how to prevent or treat them.

Should I Be Worried About Root Canal Treatment?

Dealing with a severe toothache is difficult. In fact, a large percentage of people have had to take time off of work or school at least once in their lives because of dental pain. Yet, when people find out that their pain can be alleviated with root canal treatment, some people may hesitate. As one of the most commonly maligned dental treatments, patients often worry about root canal treatment, especially if they’ve never received it. The truth, though, is that the procedure is much simpler than you might realize, and it may be your best option for relieving discomfort and saving your compromised tooth.

3 Dental Treatments that Help Prevent Cavities

Of all the conditions that can affect your oral health, cavities are the most common. In fact, over 90% of adults will experience a cavity in at least one of their permanent teeth. Though there are several options for treating and restoring a cavity-stricken tooth, the best way to protect your smile is to prevent them from forming in the first place. Along with twice-daily brushing and daily flossing at home, there are also several preventive dental treatments that help you prevent cavities by boosting the strength of your teeth’s protective layers. 

Is It Too Late for a Tooth Filling?

Most adults will experience a cavity at some point in their lives. The good news is that most of those cases can be effectively treated with a simple tooth filling if they’re caught and addressed in time. For some patients, however, it may be too late for a filling to save the tooth by the time they visit their dentist. If your tooth becomes sensitive or aches due to a cavity, then you only have a limited amount of time before it becomes too extensive for a filling to address. If so, then you may require root canal therapy or tooth extraction to save your smile.