Campbell Dental Emergency – Avulsed Tooth

Having a permanent adult tooth knocked out (avulsed) is a serious dental emergency. In many instances it is possible to save the tooth, however time is of the essence. It is imperative to quickly locate a dental emergency professional near Campbell. Some experts believe that a tooth that is re-implanted within 30 minutes to 1 hour has a higher chance of survival. The longer you wait, the lower the chances are of a successful re-implantation. Campbell residence may contact Dr. Antonious for any dental emergency visit including an avulsed tooth.

Common Causes of tooth avulsion include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Fighting
  • Accidental Falls
  • Athletic Activity

An avulsed tooth should be handled as little as possible, and touching the root should be avoided. Only handle the tooth by the crown. You may clean the tooth by gently wiping off any dirt from the tooth surface. The tooth should be kept moist. A tooth that has dried out has little chance of surviving. Some experts recommend using milk to keep the tooth moist. Put the tooth in a safe and clean container filled with milk, saline solution, or water. If milk, saline solution or water is not available, some dentists recommend keeping the tooth in the mouth between the cheek and the gums, or under the tongue. If this method is used, care must be taken to avoid swallowing or inhaling the tooth.

Some patients will attempt to place the tooth back in its socket while others will wait until their dental emergency visit. If you choose to reinsert the tooth yourself, use clean hands to avoid introducing additional bacteria to the wound. Even if you can successfully re-implant the tooth yourself, an emergency dental visit with a dentist near the city of Campbell will still be necessary. Call us as soon as possible because this is a true dental emergency.

If the tooth and surrounding bone are not damaged, the dentist will clean the tooth and the socket, and re-implant the tooth. In every case the dentist will splint the re-implanted avulsed tooth to the adjacent teeth to provide stability and support. This will allow time for the tooth root to reattach to the surrounding bone. Wire and/or composite resin are frequently used as splint material. Tooth color composite material is a material used to fill teeth and it is highly bio-compatible with the remaining tooth structure and the oral cavity.

When a tooth is avulsed and re-implanted, it is frequently necessary to treat the tooth with root canal therapy. Before the dentist begins a root canal, he will administer anesthetic to keep you comfortable. He will gently clean the inside of the tooth and remove the damaged nerve. The canal of the tooth will be filled along with any missing tooth structure on the crown portion of the tooth. Follow up visits will be necessary to monitor the progress of the reattachment and to look for signs of infection.

If the accident happens at night time, on the weekend, or on a holiday and an open dental clinic near Campbell that can handle emergencies like tooth knocked out and lost fillings or crowns cannot be located, it may be necessary to go to an emergency room. Sports related tooth avulsion may be prevented by wearing an athletic mouth guard to protect the teeth while engaging in athletic activity. In addition, making it a habit to always wear a seatbelt may help to prevent car accident related tooth avulsion.