Assurant Dental PPO Maximum and Deductible

Aligning with your Assurant Dental Program is a top priority here at Sunnyvale Dental Care. Gaining full understating of your plan’s benefits and restrictions is essential in providing you with best possible oral health care. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious and his highly trained staff are dedicated to being the liaison between you and Assurant Dental to obtain the healthy smile you’ve always wanted.


Maximum is a term used to identify the total amount of dollars Assurant Dental Program provides for you to use toward dental care in a benefit period. The periods typically encompass one calendar year or twelve consecutive months. Maximum amounts differ based on the Assurant Dental plan chosen by your or your employer and can range from $1000 to $2500 per plan period. Some treatments available to you here at Sunnyvale Dental Care are not covered and therefore do not affect your plan’s maximum. Teeth whitening, veneers and elective procedures typically fall in the category of no dental plan coverage. In addition, various treatments have various reimbursement rates and your maximum is deducted from accordingly. For example, cleanings are often covered at 100% but fillings may only be covered at 80%, and the remaining 20% would be your responsibility.


Deductible is a term used to describe the amount that you have to pay for dental care prior to your Assurant Dental program taking effect. The amount of the deductible varies based on your plan and only needs to be paid once per benefit period. Not all procedures require the deductible to be applied and the team at Sunnyvale Dental Care will help you know when it does.

Providing access to understanding the parameters of your dental benefits is paramount to Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious. He believes in promoting your best oral healthcare by carefully planning your treatment for your dental needs and aligning them with your dental insurance benefits for maximum coverage.

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