Assurant Dental PPO Insurance Coverage

Assurant Dental PPO Insurance Company offers both employer sponsored dental insurance plans and plans for individuals, families and retirees. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious is a long time preferred provider for patients with Assurant Dental PPO insurance policies. Coverage varies by plan. Because Dr. Antonious is an Assurant Dental PPO in network provider, he has agreed to follow the Assurant Dental PPO fee schedule which has lower costs than standard dental fees. This means lower out of pocket cost for you.

Assurant Dental PPO insurance plans share many similarities with other dental insurance plans. Most dental insurance plans have an annual deductible, annual maximum, and cover dental care on a percentage basis. Treatment is divided into three coverage categories: preventative, basic, and major. Preventative services include routine cleanings, exams, routine x-rays, etc. These types of services are generally covered at a higher percentage of 80% to 100%. Basic services such as simple extractions and fillings usually have medium coverage of 60% to 80%. Major dental treatment like dentures, partials, and crowns are typically covered at a lower percentage of 50%.

Coverage for other common dental procedures such as periodontal deep cleanings and root canal therapy is sometimes considered basic and sometimes considered major depending on the selected insurance plan. Some Assurant Dental PPO insurance plans, especially individual plans have waiting periods on certain services. An example would be a six month wait on basic services like fillings or a one year wait on major services like crowns. Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator will let you know if any procedures in your treatment plan have waiting periods. Annual deductibles may range from $25 to $100 per person.

Additionally, some covered services have age limit restrictions such as fluoride treatments and sealants or cover dependent children only up to a certain age. Other recommended services may be excluded in favor of lower cost treatment.

Confused yet? Don’t be. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious and the team at Sunnyvale Dental Care are very familiar with multiple insurance plans including Assurant Dental PPO plans. They will be happy to research your individual policy and help you understand your coverage details in full.

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