Oral Cancer Screenings

During a dental exam, Dr. Antonious will check your neck and oral tissues for lumps, red or white patches or recurring sore areas.

Screening for early changes in the oral tissue can help detect cancer at a stage when it can be more successfully treated.

Smoking, especially combined with heavy alcohol consumption, is the primary risk factor for oral cancer. In fact, this combination is estimated to be the most likely trigger in about 75 percent of oral cancers diagnosed in this country. Other lifestyle and environmental factors also may increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

Oral CDX
Oral CDX is a simple spot check or brush test to evaluate spots and detect unhealthy cells – Years before they can cause any harm.

This is used as a sceening tool to determine if additional evaluation of the spot is needed.

  • Oral cancer is 3 times more common than cervicle cancer.
  • 30,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year.
  • 27% of oral cancers are diagnosed in people with no known risk factors.
  • It will cause one death per hour, 24 hours per day.

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