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To find a dentist whom you can trust for your family’s dental health is never an easy task. If you moved to a new place, references from your friends and family may help you narrow down your search for an outstanding oral health practitioner. Most new patients come to see Dr. Antonious at Sunnyvale Dental Care through word-of-mouth, which he thoroughly enjoys and appreciates as it affirms the outstanding service he provides at his dental office. Having said that, we also feel referrals are not the only way to find the “best dentist,” and online reviews can smooth the progress of your research in a big way. Sometimes people feel disappointed after visiting a place that was highly recommended by one of their connections. This happens because everybody has different priorities when looking for a specific service; we suggest you look for the things that are of great value to you. Reviews and testimonials are also an outstanding source of information to learn more about a dentist, their dental knowledge, expertise and their facility.

Online reviews can complement the dentist referrals you received from your friends and family, making you aware about other specific details. In a glance you can see the dentist’s overall ratings and how many positive or negative reviews he has but if you want more specific information you can read a couple of reviews. By doing this, you will be able to understand what people liked or disliked about the dentist’s office and get an idea about the overall opinion that patients hold about a dentist. Best reviews are the ones written in an elaborative way describing the patient’s experience with the dentist. Patients who express more precisely their particular experience in their reviews provide more insight into their experience at a dental office, read them carefully to look for valuable information.

One or two negative reviews don’t mean the dentist will not be the best because sometimes people have different criteria that may be reasonable or unreasonable. Although, having too many bad reviews is a deal breaker for your best dentist. You will get the zest of it by going through a couple of reputed review sites. Make your decision by average ratings, reviews, and recommendations that past patients have given for the dentist.

At this time, Sunnyvale Dental Care proudly showcases a perfect 5-star rating on Google Business/Map accumulated from over 105 reviews from our patients. We are one of the promptest dentists at the times of dental emergency and our patients often drive from farther distances to be able to see Dr. Antonious. You can also find several video testimonials from our new & existing patients on Sunnyvale Dental Care website in the patient review & testimonials section. They talk about our expertise, services, best practices and office culture & ambiance in great depth. We feel empowered to be able to help our patients when they most need us.

Sunnyvale Dental Care reviews on other review websites like Yelp, Facebook, BirdEye, etc. are also applaudable; they help our new patients to decide on their best dentist. Genuine reviews are far more trustable when coming from an unbiased source, like somebody who visited us for the first time during a dental emergency. He/she will have a first-hand experience of how we respond, handle and take care of our valued patients in such situations. One such review, coming from someone who is not our practice patron but someone entirely new, will tell you so much more than just our knowledge and experience. Look for reviews from new patients to know how we look after our patients, provide treatment consultation and keep calm during an anxious situation.

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