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First Dental Health PPO insurance offers many plans to help your family get the care you need at a reasonable price that you can afford. These plans may be provided by your employer or purchased as individual dental plans. First Dental Health PPO insurance has one of the largest networks of dental practices and providers in California.

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious is a First Dental Health PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) dental provider. Why visit a First Dental Health PPO dental insurance provider instead of a dentist who does not participate in the First Dental Health PPO network? Dentists who are in network with First Dental Health PPO insurance like Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious will bill you based on the First Dental Health PPO reduced fees instead of their standard dental fees. This will mean less out of pocket cost for your dental care.

Your First Dental Health PPO insurance plan has a yearly maximum which will vary by plan. Most First Dental Health PPO insurance plans also have an annual deductible. Services are covered on a percentage basis under three categories: Preventative / Diagnostic, Basic and Major. The annual maximum, deductible, and coverage table for your individual insurance plan can be found in the benefits booklet provided by your employer or directly from First Dental Health.

Preventative services normally have the highest coverage which may be from 80% to 100%. Routine x-rays, child and adult cleanings, oral exams, sealants and fluoride are generally considered preventative treatment.

Basic services may include fillings and simple extractions. Coverage for basic services frequently range from 60% to 80%.

Major services like dentures, partial dentures, crowns, and bridges are generally covered at 30% to 50%.

Oral surgery, root canal therapy, and periodontal deep cleanings may fall under the basic or major category depending on the individual dental insurance plan selected.

Some First Dental Health PPO insurance plans have waiting periods. This is especially the case for individual plans not provided by an employer. A waiting period may apply to basic and or major treatment and can be from six months to one year.

The insurance coordinator at Sunnyvale Dental Care will research whether or not your individual dental plan has a waiting period. Some services such as sealants and fluoride treatments may have age limits depending upon the chosen insurance plan. We will be happy to research this for you as well. The Sunnyvale Dental Care team is very familiar with First Dental Health PPO insurance plans and will submit your dental claims for you.

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