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General Dentistry Sunnyvale

General & Family Dentistry SunnyvaleSunnyvale dentist Dr. Nasser Antonious has the knowledge and expertise to offer a full range of general dentistry procedures at Sunnyvale Dental Care. A general dentist is licensed to practice all areas of dentistry. The General Dentist is the “Captain” of the dental team, he is the creator and manager of the dental treatment plan. By performing a Complete Dental Examination, the dentist can determine the patients oral health. A dental examination is complete, if it allows identification of all active factors, that are capable of causing or contributing to the deterioration of oral health or function. It is incomplete, if it does not provide enough information to develop a total treatment plan aimed at the optimum maintainability of the teeth and their supporting structures. The ultimate goal of all dental treatments is Optimum Oral Health.

All treatment should have the goal of providing and maintaining the highest degree of oral health possible for that patient. Treatment planning has two objectives:

Finding all of the factors that contribute in any way to deterioration of Oral Health
Determining the best method of eliminating each factor causing deterioration

Total elimination of all the causative factors to the point of complete reversal is not always possible. The problems found in some patients are too severe, and have gone too long, to expect a complete return to ideal health. The degree to which we can eliminate the causes of their problems will directly relate to our success in changing unhealthy mouths into healthy ones.

Records taken during a complete dental examination often include some, or all of the following, depending on what is indicated for that individual person:

A Thorough Dental/Medical Health History
Soft Tissue Examination
Periodontal Examination
A set of individual x-rays (Radiographs)
A panoramic x-ray
X-ray of the TM joints
Mounted Diagnostic models

The general dentist is able to gather all the information about a patient and their mouth, and chart a treatment plan for the patient, to obtain optimum oral health. The General Dentist refers patients to specialists, when their individual expertise is required to obtain the best possible result. The General dentist provides a variety of restorative services and may choose to refer patients to an appropriate dental specialist for those services for which he does not feel qualified to perform.

Family Dental Care Sunnyvale

Choosing a family dentist means choosing somebody you trust to teach your children good dental habits that will last a lifetime, gently care for your children when they need dental procedures, and protect your children’s smiles and all the confidence that goes with them. Choosing your Sunnyvale family dentist is a significant decision for your entire family. At Sunnyvale Dental Care, we warmly welcome you and your children into our practice, and we treat your family like our own: with professionalism and compassion.

Family dentistry much like general dentistry focuses on services related to the overall general maintenance of tooth health and oral hygiene. Though the two names are often considered synonymous, there is a difference between the two; mainly being that family dentistry will not typically have restrictive services in relation to one age group, but rather will provide services for an entire family.

Because family dentistry is considered to be on the frontline of defense against dental problems, it is considered to be a preventative field. Some of the services that you can expect from a family dentistry professional include:

• Maintenance Cleaning: It is recommended by the American Dental Association, or ADA, that you and your family visit your family dentist two times per year for a routine checkup. Part of the checkup is a ‘maintenance’ cleaning of your teeth to rid them of any heavy plaque buildup which will help to prevent the onset of tooth decay.
• Fluoride Treatment: At the discretion of your family dentist it may be necessary to have a fluoride treatment done to your teeth. This treatment will help coat your teeth and protect them from decay.
• X-Rays: On some routine checkups you will be required to have x-rays or radiographs taken of your mouth which will help uncover any tooth or jaw problems that may necessitate attention. Problems such as cavities are a common find when radiographs are taken.
• Filling Cavities: Most family dental practices have the onsite capability to fill in any cavities that may be discovered during a routine checkup. This is vital so that the problem does not get worse and require a crown, dental implant, root canal, or even oral surgery.

All family dentistry professionals will have the initials of DDS or DMD following their name. These are acronyms for degrees that have been awarded in the field of dentistry and stand for Degree of Dental Surgery and Degree of Dental Medicine respectively. Some are confused as to which degree is better than the other and feel that it is an important factor in deciding which family dentistry professional to go with. But the two acronyms are simply different names for the same education that are awarded after dental students pass the National Board Dental Examinations.

Instead of focusing on letters at the end of a name you should focus on the individual family dentistry professional themselves. Before you make a decision on who will provide you with your family dentistry needs you should talk to several different family dentists and see what kind of feeling you get with each. You can also ask extended family and friends who they use and see what their experiences are. Remember, it is your family you are considering and the well being of their teeth so you owe it to yourself to take the time and be sure that the family dentistry professional you choose is the best possible choice for you and your family.