Convenient Dental Appointments

Convenient Appointment Booking

Sometimes you just forget to make appointments in advance with so much happening in your life. Sunnyvale Dental Care cares about your dental health & time; therefore we have made it very convenient for you to request an appointment from anywhere. Make an appointment on the go, call our office numbers (toll-free number also available), text message, or email us (24/7) to request an appointment.

Convenient on Time Appointment

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious takes pride in being vigilant & on time. Occasionally we will run behind schedule, like if we encounter an emergency patient who is in pain and is not originally on our schedule. We will inform you right away of any anticipated delays so that you can manage your schedule accordingly.

Convenient Same Day Emergency Appointments-Walk In

We value your time! Never hesitate to call us for same day emergency appointments in case of emergencies or immediate need, we try our best to get you the next available time slot at Sunnyvale Dental Care. Emergencies happen without any prior notice, and we want to be there when you encounter any such contingency. Our team of expert dental staff is highly skilled and capable of handling critical situations like emergency anxious walk-in patients almost effortlessly.

Convenient Extended Hours

We don’t work a regular 9 to 5 schedule any day of the year. We have extended hours unlike other Sunnyvale dentists because we understand your hectic and uncertain schedules. We are open as early as 8 am and close as late as 7 pm in the evening depending on the day of the week. This allows us to accommodate your short notice and after-work requests during the working week. Sometimes if a serious emergency arises, during the weekend, Dr. Antonious makes special arrangements to see patients with emergencies.

Convenient Block Appointment

We offer block appointments for your convenience as per our availability. Whether it is a routine family dental check-up, or few friends seeking treatment together, we can block up to three hours for an appointment. Block appointments can save a family a considerate amount of time and money because they can get their dental needs addressed at the same time.

Convenient long Appointment

Long appointment requests are also great for patients who have a busy work schedule, moving out of town, getting married soon or need to finish their treatment in a single day. We block a 2-3 hour appointment and make special arrangements so that you will get all your dental treatments finished in a single or couple of visits, saving you a lot of time and money.

Learn more when you visit Sunnyvale Dental Care. Call Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Nasser Antonious at 408-720-0900/ TOLL-FREE 1-877-9DENTAL to schedule a consultation today!

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